AAS 3D project featured on PrintLab


A 3D printing project, executed in the AAS ‘Design & Technology’ class was featured as a case study at the PrintLab website (PrintLab is a developer of 3D printing curriculum and global distributor for 3D printing products).

In the feature, Mrs. Dimitrov, who is leading the class, explains how designing and creating 3D whistles has helped our students make a connection with their Mathematics and Physics knowledge. Going through the process of digitally creating a prototype, then having it physically produced and tested by PE teachers, definitely taught the young experimenters a lot about Product design.

You can see some of the project presentations here:

Arthur - https://weareprintlab.com/uploads/files/Arthur.pdf

Ioan - https://weareprintlab.com/uploads/files/Ioan.pdf

Ogi - https://weareprintlab.com/uploads/files/Ogi.pdf