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Math Exam

Specific Vocabulary

Here are some tips to help you get more familiar with math and science vocabulary. (Taken from

Addition (+)

  • combined
  • increased
  • total of
  • sum
  • added to
  • together 
  • plus

Subtraction (-) 

  • minus
  • less than
  • less
  • fewer than
  • difference
  • decrease
  • take away
  • more than

Multiplication (x)

  • multiplied
  • product of
  • times
  • of

Division (/)

  • divided by
  • into
  • per
  • quotient of
  • percent (divided by 100)
  • out of
  • ratio of

Academic Vocabulary and Structure

Finally, using the site and choosing the appropriate content area (Social Studies, Science, Math and Language Arts), the candidate can read newspaper articles and get familiar with academic written English and content area vocabulary.

Good luck with your preparation! We look forward to meeting you.