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English Exam

There is a big difference between learning English and learning in English. When one learns English as a foreign language, one learns Social English, i.e., the language one uses for everyday communication in both oral and written forms. For example, one becomes able to watch films or interact with friends socially in English. Since AAS is an International School all subjects are taught in English. In other words, students also need to learn Academic English to achieve academic success.

Although Social and Academic English are different aspects of the language, it is important to highlight that Academic English is a lot more complex and demanding. Indeed, it is not uncommon for a student to be proficient in Social English and have difficulties with Academic English. An essential part of Academic English is general academic vocabulary as well as vocabulary related to the different content areas (social studies, science, math, language arts etc).

The Scholarship English Assessment aims at determining the proficiency level of the candidate. Hence the need for a comprehensive test which allows the Scholarship Committee to appraise students regarding listening, speaking, reading and writing. Candidates are asked to participate in an interactive speaking activity, write an academic essay, and take a computer-based test which covers reading comprehension and language use.

Here are some examples of questions from the different parts of the test to help you get familiar with the format.

Reading Comprehension/Use of English (Multiple Choice)

Hybrid cars and colony collapse . (Exemplars taken from

Academic Essay

  • TOPIC 1: Albert Einstein once said, “ Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school..” Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Write a multi-paragraph essay in which you state your position and support it with convincing reasons.
  • TOPIC 2: Write a multi-paragraph essay convincing readers that mobile phones play an important role at school these days. Be sure to include specific reasons and examples to support your position. If you are not familiar with how to structure an academic essay, please visit this site.

Good luck with your preparation! We look forward to meeting you.