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Applying to AAS

We understand that an internationally mobile life does not always fit with an academic calendar, so we accept admissions throughout the whole school year. 

The Admissions Process

The AAS school year runs from the fourth Wednesday in August to the third week in June.  Whilst applications are accepted throughout the school year, admissions for Pre-kindergarten is generally restricted to September and January. 

The school may also not accept admission for any grade after the beginning of May. In all cases, the needs and interests of the children already enrolled in the class will be taken into account as well as the needs of the applicant and places can only be offered if space allows. 

Step 1 - Prepare Documents

Application for Admission is via our online application system

Before beginning the application be sure to have the following ready so they can be uploaded or inputted:

  • A recent photo of the student - in JPG form.
  • Passport details of the student and both parents or guardians. 
  • Latest end-of-year progress reports - in separate PDF files.
  • Previous years progress reports - in separate PDF files.
  • Email addresses of homeroom teacher (preschool - grade 5) and English, Maths, Counselor/Principal (grades 6-12)
  • Special Needs Documentation
    - if an applicant has had any form of learning support for academic/behavioral/emotional or social needs, parents must include all pertinent records, including individual educational plans, related services, educational psychologist assessments, and/or any other relevant assessments as part of the application package.

Step 2 - complete online application

The AAS uses an online system for the handling of all new applications.


  • Applications will only be reviewed after all completed documents have been received by the school.
  • All student records should be officially translated into English.
  • The admission procedure may require placement tests and/or interviews.

Admissions decisions are based on the individual applicant's needs and qualifications, general availability of places and the school's efforts to enroll a well-balanced and diverse class. The school reserves the right to deny admittance to students who do not fulfill the school requirements or to those whose admission assessments indicate learning needs for which the school does not have adequate resources.


As soon as we receive your completed online application and all the required documents, your child's file will be reviewed by the Principal of the relevant division (Elementary, Middle/High School). They and other members of the educational team review the file and make the final decision on acceptance.

We are aware of the urgency families feel about finding the right school for their children and we work hard to admit students in as timely fashion as possible, however at particularly busy times delays may be inevitable.

We recognise that waiting for a response from a school is uncomfortable - as such, if you have not heard from us four weeks after your application is complete, please do not hesitate to call (+359 2 923 8810) or email


Once an admissions decision has been reached, we will inform you of the decision via an official email. If your child has been accepted, you will be asked to confirm our offer of acceptance within five working days.

If your application has been approved but is in the wait pool, you will also be informed, but a formal offer will not be sent at this point.  Please be aware that spaces open up for many reasons and it is difficult to predict the timing of when space might become available  We will, however, contact you immediately if a place becomes available.

Student Grade Placement

Coming from a different educational system?

Please use our helpful guide to the Grades we use at AAS and the ages of the students within these.  See the section on Student Grade Placement below for further explanation and exceptions.

Elementary School

The 'cut off' date for ages is September 1st.  

Placements in grades two and above will be based on the date of birth and the educational experience of the child. There may be good reasons for placement outside these ranges, but it is the general policy of the school not to place any student in an age group that is significantly older or younger than their classmates.

Middle & High School

Grade placement is based on receiving the official translation of previous school records. Students' information is reviewed closely to see how studies relate to the program and courses offered at AAS.

It is recognized that due to the transient nature of our student population and to the fact that they come from a variety of systems, there will be instances where the above pattern does not fit. Students coming from systems with different start and end dates of the school year are placed in a grade level on a case-by-case basis. Factors to consider are:

  • prior academic performance;
  • school recommendations;
  • assessment results;
  • age;
  • perceived motivation;
  • demonstrated work habits;
  • interview with the student;
  • proficiency in instructional language.

Students should be no more than eighteen months older or younger than the average age for their grade and less than twenty years of age when they graduate. 




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