Vision 2025

AAS has achieved tremendous growth over the last ten years. The Board commends the schools commitment to engage, prepare, and support each student for today and tomorrow and endorses the following principles to guide such development:

  • We are dedicated to excellence and innovation. We aim to ensure that each graduate is able to successfully pursue the post-secondary path of choice.
  • We work to advance an academic program that prepares students for the twenty-first century and meets the needs of diverse learners.
  • We are committed to the use and improvement of facilities that support students’ growth as global citizens and promote a variety of lifelong activities including the arts, athletics, entrepreneurship, and leadership.
  • We maintain that educational quality and financial sustainability are the paramount considerations regarding decisions concerning growth. With this in mind, we envision growth to approximately 600 students.
  • We will prudently seek financial, institutional, and educational resources from alumni and the broader community.
  • We will develop, enhance and maintain strong connections to the community to exemplify the role and effect on society that we expect of our students and graduates.
  • We will govern the school in an open and transparent manner, encouraging communication and seeking engagement with the school community.
  • We will undertake all improvements with a commitment to sustainability in the broadest sense -- educationally, environmentally, financially, and institutionally.
  • We recognize the need to grow and mature as an organization while preserving the best aspects of our warm and friendly atmosphere.