Board of Directors

The Anglo-American School is a not for profit organisation that is governed by a Board of Directors that are all volunteers. The Board develops policies, financial guidelines, and long-term strategic plans.

It entrusts leadership and management-related issues to the Director who, in turn, works with faculty and staff to implement the best educational program possible within the parameters provided by the Board.

There are nine voting members of the School Board. The American Ambassador appoints four board members including the Chairperson. The British Ambassador appoints four Board members including the Vice-Chairperson. The elected Parent Teacher Organization President is the ninth board member. Ex-officio and non-voting members of the school board are the Director of the School, the Business Manager, and an elected Staff Representative. The Board reflects the diversity we have in our community and includes a number of parents at the school.

Each person brings different types of expertise to their role as a Board member (management, policy, finance, diplomatic, marketing etc.) and serve on Board Committees as well as attending the monthly meeting of the whole Board. 


Board Members

  • Andrea Brouillette-Rodriguez (Chair)
  • Andy French (Co-Chair)
  • Boni Bonev
  • Brent LaRosa
  • Stanimira Dimitrova
  • Nora Georgieva
  • Pamela Della Toffola Andreoni
  • Julie Creamer
  • Ollie Patten


  • Tim Fries (AAS Director) 
  • Gary Foster (Staff Representative)
  • Selma Felice Maschetto de Sa (PTO President)