Our Staff & Leadership

We have more than 170 teachers and support staff working at the school, dedicated to delivering the highest standard of education in the best facilities. 

The staff at AAS form a faculty that brings enthusiasm, vast experience and diverse academic backgrounds ranging from Bachelor degrees to Doctorates.  We actively recruit our teaching staff from all over the globe. Over half of our teaching staff are from beyond Bulgaria, hailing from 5 continents and 10 different countries. All our staff seek to motivate and inspire and reach beyond the classroom to promote moral, social and emotional growth.

AAS Governance & Leadership

AAS is governed by a volunteer body, the School Board, which appoints the school Director. The Director oversees, with the help of a Leadership Team, the everyday running of the school.

The Leadership Team comprises of:
  • The Director of the School
  • The Principal of the Secondary (Middle and High) School
  • The Principal of the Elementary School
  • The Director of Learning and Curriculum
  • The Business Manager
  • The ICT Manager
  • The Marketing and Communications Manager 

The AAS Board

Learn more about the AAS Board, their role and vision for the school.