Our Campus

Nestling in the foothills of Mount Vitosha, our school is situated on a state of the art campus, which covers a plot of land of almost 8 hectares.

AAS Virtual Tour

If you cannot visit us at the moment, we invite you to take a tour around the AAS campus and get acquainted with the main buildings and learning spaces. Enjoy!

70% of the total AAS land is green.  The campus as a whole comprises of:

  • The Balkan Wing for Elementary School
  • The Vitosha Wing for Secondary School
  • The Rila Renaissance Centre for the Arts which has a theatre, music, creative art spaces and the school Welcome Suite.

Campus Map

Can't visit? Check out our beautiful campus map to see more...


Environmentally Aware

AAS is very proud to have won several top ecological and environmental building awards with Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

We take energy conservation seriously. To minimize electrical power consumption the school has been designed to maximise the use of natural light and classrooms are equipped with occupancy sensors which turn off the lights automatically when not in use. Solar panels are used for heating the hot water as much of the year as possible and the Rila Renaissance Centre is heated by using agricultural waste materials.

AAS has its own waste water treatment plant to allow us to recycle and reuse water. To minimize the use of potable water the school is designed to collect rainwater in special reservoirs and use it to flush the toilets in the secondary building and to irrigate the school green areas.

The bio-waste from fruit snacks, grass clippings and chopped wood branches are collected in two composters and used in the AAS school garden. 

Nature Garden


AAS has had a  school garden since 2014. By working in the garden students enjoy the outdoors, do physical work, connect with the world of nature and witness the growing cycle. They become attuned with their natural surroundings and learn skills such as patience, collaboration, organization, thoughtfulness, planning and care. The garden rewards us with a harvest that we all enjoy and consume together.

As well as being used to support to our science programs the students can elect gardening as an extracurricular activity.

During their time in the garden students from elementary to middle school experience composting and chicken care as well as sowing, cultivating and harvesting a mixture of fruit, vegetables and flowers.