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On Traditions - Old and New

We have a tradition in our home: on the last day of school, the kids can have anything they want for breakfast. Because of this tradition, I owe apologies to our kids’ teachers through the years. There have been many last days of school when our kids have arrived for the emotional and exciting day pumped full of ice cream and other such foods. Today, our kids had chocolate milkshakes and waffles. 

Traditions can be a lot of fun, and they can help ease the stress of transitions (see my June 4 Weekly Howl blurb for more about transitions). Over the past year, many of the traditional events at AAS have been missed. However, this spring has been full of traditional events and new events to mark the end of the year. Last week we had the HS Benefit Gig, which was exceptional and set a very high bar for future Gigs. This week alone, we have had the 5th and 8th grade Moving Up ceremonies, the Awards and Recognition Assemblies, the Farewell Assemblies, and more. 

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On Learning Outside of the Classroom

When I reflect on my time at AAS, I look back upon the quality of teacher instruction, engagement from students within the classroom, and relationships developed to enhance and strengthen the AAS community. However, as we all know there are many aspects to learning that provide opportunities for new skills, challenges and interests to be explored, discovered, and enjoyed.

Despite the current restrictions placed upon us all, a degree of normality is definitely returning. I look at the eager faces of Middle and High school students as they wait expectantly to be transported to Sofia beach and it truly fills my heart with joy as they attempt new activities and forge new relationships.

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A Letter From the PTO President

Dear AAS Community,

My involvement with the PTO began in 2012 when my now 20-year-old son moved from ES to MS, my daughter was still in 3rd grade. I didn’t know too much about the international school education system at AAS, nor did I know much about the PTO.  But I knew that I wanted to be actively involved with my kids' education and understand more about school life at AAS, so I would be able to help them more.

But after three years serving the PTO only as a volunteer, they offered my nomination for the PTO President position, and it was at this time that I thought 'Why not?' It was a personal challenge to go to a deeper level of involvement. I never imagined that I would take on a role to serve and represent hundreds of parents and teachers. I am honored all these years to be able to lead such a great team of parents and interact with all these amazing people that we call teachers.

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Reflections at the End of the Schoolyear

In my first year of teaching--I taught a grade 4 class in Bonn, Germany--I remember being astonished at how the school year seemed to speed up after the spring break. Each year since, I try to prepare myself for the busy and exciting spring as another school year comes to a close, but I am never successful. Again this year, I find myself caught up in the hyper-drive vacuum of May and June. 

This time of the year is the busiest, the most exciting, and the most emotional. It is the busiest because we are planning for next year while at the same time doing everything that comes with the end of a school year. It is the most exciting because of all of the special events and celebrations that mark the end of another school year. From graduation and moving up ceremonies, to classroom celebrations, to many different transitions, there is a lot going on. At the same time, outside of school there are barbecues, picnics in the park, and other social events. 

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What’s Next for the AAS Class of 2021? 

This afternoon, a look-alike group of 33 emerging adults, all draped in royal blue and capped with tasseled mortarboards, will gather in the Rila Theater for the 2021 AAS commencement ceremony.  

Today we celebrate their collective achievement of completing 12 years of school and graduating from AAS. Soon after the ceremony, though, they’ll shed their grad attire, leave campus (many never to return), and head off on their individual paths.

What’s next for the AAS Class of 2021? 

Most will go immediately to university. The top destination continues to be the United Kingdom, with seven AAS grads moving there for their studies.

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